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Suit Style ~ Men’s Life DC

Good morning! Today’s post is for the dudes. We have a special guest blogger whose post I am excited to share. I have a lot of followers that are brides, but I also have followers that are not necessarily engaged, and are guys! In my opinion, the South Asian wedding community doesn’t talk enough about grooms, groomsmen, and what part they take in shaadi’s. What they wear to the wedding is equally important. Aninda, Editor of Men’s Life DC, has some style tips to share with all of you!

~From Aninda:

Ok men, I feel your pain. Your summer wedding is coming up soon and your fiance is driving you up the wall with details with every bit of minutia from flowers, centerpieces, and those bubble blowing thingys. So it’s time for you to come to the table and step up with some ideas of your own. Come well prepared to the epic battle that is wedding-planning with these groomsmen outfit ideas.

In this post we’ll cover suiting. When considering suits for the summer really think about the materials, colors, and patterns. Whether indoors or outdoors the materials have a big impact on how cool your body stays, so consider cotton, linen, or a very light wool. For colors and patterns, remember it’s summer and it’s ok to go a little more casual! Ditch the penguin suit and go for something in khaki or seersucker (or maybe white if you’re P Diddy or something). And remember groomsmen: if you’re aiming to look good for the bridesmaids and other available ladies at the wedding then the thing they’ll notice the most is the fit of your suit. Don’t hesitate to go get the suit altered so that it fits you just right. If nothing else, this is the most worthwhile investment you can make in your outfit.

Hard to tell from the picture but it is indeed seersucker. For extra points, there’s also an optional vest you can buy which would turn it into a three-piece suit. Since the suit color itself is a little on the subtle side you can go a little more wild with the shirt, tie, pocket square, and socks. This is great for an indoor or outdoor wedding.

Definitely consider something in cotton since it breathes better during those excruciatingly hot summer months. The khaki color on this slim fit suit also goes great with more subtle colors such as light blue or white. If you go with white you can always snazz it up with the tie, pocket square, and socks. Again this is great for an indoor or outdoor wedding.

And for the ultimate in comfort I give you the white linen suit. I could fall asleep right now just thinking of the comfort of a nice linen suit. This is probably your most casual option of the three, and with a traditional white or sand color you basically have an empty canvas to do what you will for colors on the other pieces. Again this is super casual and for warm weather, so consider this for beach weddings.

Check back for a weekly update from Men’s Life DC for more style tips on Men’s Shirts, Shoes, Ties, and other Accessories!

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