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Shirt and Tie Style ~ Men’s Life DC

Men’s Life DC Editor, Aninda, is back with some more style tips for your upcoming Spring-time wedding. Today he covers grooms/groomsmen shirts and ties!


Rule to remember: Try to avoid having two patterns on consecutive layers. So if you have a seersucker suit go with a solid colored shirt and then you can go with a striped tie.

If you have a solid colored suit and a solid colored shirt go with a patterned tie. I like to go mostly simple with the shirt colors and let the other pieces of the outfit do the talking. So go with something comfortable and that breathes (cotton). This slim fitting shirt from Calibrate seems to hit right when it comes to almost everything. Great review from


Rules to remember: Match the color of your tie to your socks and your pocket square.

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Knitted ties are a summer suit’s best friend. They’re light, skinny, and soft (go for silk if you can). They come in all kinds of colors and they’re easy to find in the store or online. This is a really easy way to pop some color if you’re going with a subtle colored suit and a subtle colored shirt.

The good ol’ fashioned striped tie never goes out of style. Stripes obviously come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Now if you REALLY want to make a statement you can go with a bow-tie. Let the bow tie be the centerpiece of the outfit so go a little bold.

Hey if you’ve gone this far already, just go all the way with something fun.

Stay tuned for next week’s Men’s Life DC Update!

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