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Happy Sunday all! I usually don’t blog on the weekends, but I’m excited about an upcoming feature on an artist who makes some wonderfully creative stationery. 
Here’s a preview of a save the date made for a couple in West Bengal. Talk about personalized! More to come, so check back later this week!
Image courtesy of Po Tweet

Happy Sunday all! I usually don’t blog on the weekends, but I’m excited about an upcoming feature on an artist who makes some wonderfully creative stationery. 

Here’s a preview of a save the date made for a couple in West Bengal. Talk about personalized! More to come, so check back later this week!

Image courtesy of Po Tweet

Artist Spotlight ~ Clic by Siddhi Designer Apparel

When you’re trousseau shopping, browsing the web for ideas for wedding outfits or a new piece to wear to an upcoming event, have you found that there’s a lot of the same old designs out there? Well, if you are looking for something unique and that stands out, Clic by Siddhi can definitely help you out. After attending the launch of this luxury clothing line in Manhattan, I can tell you the styles are fashionable, creative and practical at the same time!

Designer Siddhi Vaishnav shared her vision and inspiration for these unique pieces:

"The concept behind Clic is high end fashion at a reasonable price. The tagline also says it all: "..because life is a red carpet.™" Everyone has had that paparazzi celebrity fantasy, but only a tiny percentile can boast of that lifestyle. That’s why I like to say with Clic, you’re getting Dom Perignon & paying for Moet. In our clothes, you will always be in the spotlight. Also, in today’s fashion climate, I’ve seen that unique personal style & expression is at the forefront and that’s exactly what I aim to provide. People don’t want to be wearing what everyone else is wearing and many people don’t like to repeat outfits. The unique factor of Clic is that each design is completely one of a kind, both from other things out on the market & from each other. And if you don’t like what we have, our personalization option allows you to customize your own Clic creation. As for repetition, that’s what our rental option is for. Basically, I want Clic to be able to cater to every customer’s needs."

The 21 piece collection ranges from $200 - $800 and includes everything from pre-pleated saris and pant suits with capes, to churidar sets that double as dresses and customized bridal trousseaus. Clic aims to satisfy the needs for fashionistas everywhere, whether headed to a wedding or for a glamorous night out.

An integral standout in Siddhi’s design is the intricate back work that is part of every ensemble. Additions such as pockets and attached accessories add functionality to the clothing while adding a unique touch to each design. One of my favorite pieces from the launch was a velvet cape with simple, but elegant zardozi work, which can be worn over a lehnga or sari rather than an overcoat when the weather is a bit chilly - fashionable and practical!

"I think what makes my designs different is that I truly believe that the need for fusion clothes has also become greater because people don’t always want to wear strictly traditional clothing anymore; not to events, not to weddings. A part of the reason for that is also because when you stick to that genre, there is a greater chance of wearing ensembles similar to everyone else, & in today’s tiny tiny South Asian world, chances are it will be at the same event! That’s why Clic’s fusion style also provides versatility for the clothing. I have a constant eye & ear out in fashion and I always try to incorporate the best of US & UK trends into our designs, while still maintaining some Eastern influence. That’s why with Clic, you can wear our designs literally anywhere. For example, one of our creations is a 2 piece dress/churidar set that can be worn at a Sangeet or Mehndi just as easily as a night out in the city. Just the other day, I wore one of half of a Clic creation with jeans. Also, the great part about my designs is that you can mix & match them, whether with something you already own, or with another one of our signature pieces. This creates a multitude of different combinations and options that you can use at numerous and varied events.

The line also appeals to the South Asian bride. From Siddhi:
"There are many retailers out there, especially in the Tri-State Area that sell bridal wear from the major brands in India, but the problem arises when they price them astronomically (and more often than not, this bride is never going to wear her wedding outfit again so it’s a waste of money) and when they all sell the same designs. As per the majority of cultures, not just South Asian, the wedding day is for the bride. It’s something a girl dreams of in detail from wardrobe to band to decor, so why would she want to compromise on any of it? I can’t think of any bride who would want to see pictures of someone wearing exactly what she did at her wedding, & in today’s "instant" world of social media and tagging and checking in, the proof is everywhere..right away. That’s why Clic’s personalization option is particularly catered to the brides."

With Clic by Siddhi, you can personalize and create a one of a kind ensemble:

"I sit down with an individual for 4-5 hours and go over each & every detail of the ensemble from colors to fabrics to personal specifications and what a person is comfortable with along with adding my input as to what I believe will stand out. This is the perfect guarantee that no one else will be wearing what you will. Second, I aim to price my designs at a level in which the customer doesn’t feel that they just doled out their life savings for one outfit. Third, and what I think is one of the most important reasons, is that I design with functionality in mind. I add things to my clothes that I know I myself have wanted in my own wardrobe. Some examples are my attached rhinestone collars or necklaces to the designs so no additional accessories are necessary, the pockets in some of our lenghas and skirts that render your lip gloss or cell phone invisible and allow you the convenience of not having to find a matching purse, crystal accented pockets on dresses to easily and attractively tote a license, etc. I think that the combination of these 3 elements at Clic, added to our ever-popular rental option, really would appeal to the South Asian bride and make their lives just a little bit easier."

Stay tuned for some runway images of the brand new line that was featured in Clic by Siddhi’s launch, “A Tale of Two Cities”!

Clic by Siddhi apparel can be purchased via the contact form on their website or by e-mailing:

You can also check out Clic by Siddhi’s social media sites for updates on their latest looks and events: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr

Images courtesy of Neerja Patel

Tiny Brides, Detailed Motifs ~ Artist Spotlight

I came across this artist’s work on Pinterest, via an interior design and art blog, Design Wali (which has some fabulous eye candy, by the way). The feature was on Shirin Sahba, a wonderfully creative South Asian artist that paints beautiful landscapes under tiny figures, depicting some part of everyday life and its happenings. She comes from a talented family of artists too (her mother was a graphic designer, and her father the architect of the Bahá’í Lotus Temple in Delhi - so impressive). Her paintings are also available for purchase (just contact her via her website). I just love her work and some of her blog postings.

Here are a few of the paintings that caught my eye and made me love these tiny little brides.

P.S. ~ Thanks Wajiha for the pin!

Watercolor Wonders - Artist Spotlight

I have blogged about this fabulous artist before, but after getting to know her better virtually, Cate Parr is even more amazing! Cate has an Etsy store called Silver Ridge Studios of fabulous watercolor paintings. She has captured amazing models, magazine covers, and beautiful South Asian brides. I loved her work so much that I wanted to surprise my husband for our 1st anniversary with a painting from our wedding. I sent her a few photos and let her choose which one she thought would look the best.

She did such a beautiful job; the colors and details were absolutely gorgeous - she even got my mehndi designs perfectly!

Cate has graciously offered a discount code for custom, “commissioned” items on her Etsy store exclusively for Shaadi Obsession readers! Enter the code "Shaadi" at checkout for a 10% off discount.