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Know the Bride’s Size ~ Bachelorette Party Gift Idea may be unconventional to post about lingerie on a South Asian wedding blog, but this is a great idea (in my opinion =) so I’m going to share with you all!

I’m attending a bachelorette party in a few weeks, which I’m helping to plan. It’s always helpful to know the bride’s sizes when picking out gifts - I found this Etsy shop which creates adorable inserts for bachelorette party invitations. It saves for some awkward conversations if you’d rather not verbally discuss your sizes! She hand-makes them and does custom orders with colors/designs. Check her out here!


A bit of etiquette to end with - Lingerie is ONLY for the Bachelorette Party with friends. I’ve been to many-a-bridal shower where auntys end up buying négligées for the bride - so awkward!

DIY Bachelorette Itineraries!

Just got back from the bachelorette party in Vegas! So, as promised, here is the DIY project I worked on to make the itineraries for the weekend:

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of and really love fabric invites and save the dates, so I decided to go that route for the itineraries!


     Here’s the DIY process for creating these itineraries!

  1. I went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought some fabric in the colors that I knew my friend was doing for her wedding..
  2. Then I bought some paper to print out the actual itinerary for the weekend on. This bamboo paper at Paper Source is so lovely..and easy to print on! I picked out a fun font and printed out the itineraries.
  3. Then, I cut the printed itinerary and glued it onto another sheet of shimmery paper that I also got from Paper Source.
  4. After the 2 pieces of paper were glued together, I cut the fabric to fit the size of the pages. It was easier to just cut all of the fabric for each itinerary at once to save time later.
  5. Once the fabric was cut and lined up with the paper, I cut a slit down the center of the fabric to make sure all of the text would show up in the “window”.
  6. Then came the tricky part! Here’s where your Mom or Mother-in-law can help out - we used a sewing machine and picked a contrasting color thread to sew the fabric to the paper. Make sure you keep a straight line for the stitching!
  7. And voila - you have this fabulous fabric-stitched itinerary! My Mother-in-law wants to do this again for invites - so fun!

Here’s the inspiration - it was from a NY Fashion Week Show invite a few years ago:
A great project to work on if you have some spare time, and something your friend will love!

Words of the Night!

So I had an awesome time at my bachelorette party in DC!

One of the games of the night was to not say any of the following words:

  1. Fiance
  2. Bachelorette
  3. Wedding
  4. Honeymoon
  5. (My fiance’s name) - yeah, I lost a bunch of times..
  6. Bride/Groom
  7. Gifts/Registry
  8. Love
  9. Dance

Let me tell you how hard that is when your (date of marriage, 11/27, day you tie the knot) is a few weeks away!

Haha great night with wonderful friends!