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Ok, I lied…

After taking an even longer break, NOW I am back! Many many changes happening for me right now and one being relocating to none other than what many claim to be the best city in the world - NYC!

In fact, this past weekend I was in the city checking out apartments and had an ongoing debate with some local friends about whether Georgetown Cupcakes was better or worse than cupcakes spots in New York. I have tried many cupcakeries in NYC and have to say Baked by Melissa is my favorite - for several reasons.

  1. They’re so cute looking!
  2. They taste great - so many different flavors too.
  3. They’re bite-sized, you don’t have to eat an entire regular-sized cupcake, especially if you’re watching your diet..OR you can eat more than one ;)


I also had them recently at a friend’s wedding - they ship! I totally have to try their Rice Crispy Treat flavor!

More to come this week…. =D