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Dry or Drinks?

Recently I’ve been to a few weddings that have been dry – a.k.a. no bebidas, dharu, sharaab, drinkety-drinks, alky…A few friends suggested that I do a post on this, given that many South Asian families are a bit more conservative and prefer not to serve alcohol at wedding receptions. I totally support and understand each family’s individual reasoning for not having an open bar or any alcohol at their parties – be it for financial, religious, personal reasons; after all, they’re hosting the party and footing the bill. After our wedding I realized how much having an open bar bumps up the expense of the reception and thought a bit about how much money it may have saved to go towards something else in the wedding – decorations, entertainment, maybe extra transportation for guests, more food items, or jewelry even. But, for my family and friends circle (especially the men in my life – husband, dad, brother) that would definitely not have flown!

Now, there are certainly many ways to substitute for alcoholic drinks – with real sugar cane juice, nimbu paani, pina coladas (virgin of course) and mango lassi. These are all favorites for desis.

I love the signature drink idea (whether it’s spiked or not) and wanted to share this drink that my brother and sis-in-law had at their wedding. It’s a great summery drink even without the rum and it’ll add a real kick to your guests’ step!

Passion Fruit Chili Martini


As a guest at the weddings I’ve been to that have been dry, it didn’t take away from the actual celebration, but a drink or 2 certainly adds to the fun. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on this subject – taboo or not, it’s an open forum and I’d love to know what you think. Is it offensive to have drinks on your own at a dry wedding; do you hit the “car bar”, flask it, or spend half the night “pre-/during/post-gaming” in your hotel room with your other bewda pals? Are you missing out on your buddy’s big day, and is it that important to grab a glass if you may be MIA?

P.S. - To my friends/family/readers who did/will have dry weddings, please take no offense to this post =) After all, I love all things weddings and blog about them all the time, so without a doubt, I loved/will love being a part of and celebrating your big day!