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Monika & Saurabh Engagement (Ob)Session ~1

Happy Monday all! We’re starting out the week with the sweetest engagement shoot. Monika and Saurabh are a fun-loving couple based in DC. You can easily tell how much they love each other from their engagement photos, but to really steal our hearts, Saurabh has given us their story….oh the personality!

From Saurabh…

The thing about Monika is, she’s all my favorite things.  Like good Scotch, she makes me more gentlemanly.  Like teaching, she makes me think before I speak.  Like old Hindi songs, she makes me want to dance despite my lack of timing.  And such goofy timing we’ve had.

Our first date was in a bookstore café, and three days later she spent her birthday with me.  It took me forever to kiss her (7 dates) and to say the three magic words (3½ months).  But eight months in, I couldn’t wait anymore.  (My guess is, neither could she.)  So I visited her family in Pennsylvania and asked for their blessing.

The pace quickened.  Her parents visited mine in Georgia.  I subscribed to Rapaport.  And we arranged a late August get-together for our families.  Our families mean the world to us, and I couldn’t have proposed to her any other way.  It wasn’t supposed to be a surprise, but late in the afternoon, I snuck out of the house and around to the deck.  Monika was sitting with everyone at the kitchen table with her back to the deck door.  So she was the last one to figure out why everyone was suddenly reaching for their cameras!

Later, as gentlemen, our dads sat me down to some Scotch.  Also, she said yes.

Such a romantic story! BnB Photography did a lovely job of capturing the couple at the beautiful Princeton University campus…so fitting for these two! More to come…stay tuned!